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Project Joy 2020

What to do about Project Joy in the Year of COVID-19? All of us at People to People struggled over this, discussed it, explored other options. Of course, assuring the health and safety of our donors, volunteers, clients and staff was our key concern.


How could we possibly implement Project Joy as we had in the past? We couldn’t possibly allow dozens of donors into our building to read the Project Joy letters. How could we possibly secure a site for Project Joy when no building’s management would allow us to have dozens of volunteers and donors in and out of that property? Believe me, we agonized over this.

Do Nothing or Do Something

Our options were limited. We could cancel Project Joy 2020 and do nothing.  Or we could do something. As always, People to People opted to do something and that meant reinventing Project Joy. As always, People to People opted to do what it could to bring some comfort and joy to 1,500+ children at the holidays.


These children - infants, toddlers, youngsters, adolescents and teens - have had their entire worlds disrupted just as it has disrupted us all. But the COVID-19 crisis has made it all too painfully obvious that crises such as this pandemic often impact the ones with the least the most.

Comfort and Joy Gift Cards

Project Joy 2020 will provide struggling local families that utilize the People to People Food Pantry and have meet income eligibility requirements with a $25 gift card for each child. Admittedly, making a financial contribution or purchasing gift cards won’t provide the “warm and fuzzy” feeling one gets when adopting a family and shopping for items on the kids’ gift lists. But, there isn’t a lot “warm and fuzzy” about a lot of things these days.


We are hoping, truly hoping, that those who have supported Project Joy over the years will continue to do so. It’s not the same, we know. But it’s something.  In past years, Project Joy supporters have donated $80,000 to $120,000 in toys, clothes, bikes and more.


We will need just $39,000 in financial contributions or donated gift cards to bring some comfort and joy to hundreds and hundreds of children whose lives have been less than joyful this year.

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