Volunteer Coordinator

Salary Range:    $35,000 to $40,000

Full-time exempt employee
Reports To: Chief Executive Officer

Position Overview
The Volunteer Coordinator will oversee and manage all aspects of volunteer recruitment, training, management, retention and recognition to assure the effective implementation of People to People programs.

Position Accountabilities
    Volunteer Recruitment
o    Develop and implement volunteer outreach efforts to area houses of worship, civic and youth organizations, schools, businesses, colleges and more.

    Volunteer Management
o    Distribute, receive and file electronic copies of volunteer applications.
o    Maintain an up-to-date volunteer data base including volunteer contact information, availability, skills and hours of service.
o    Deploy volunteers to appropriate activities that best utilize their skills and interests. 
o    Recruit, train, and schedule Volunteer Team Leaders to provide support and direction to all new volunteers.
o    Develop and manage a weekly volunteer schedule to be posted in the Food Pantry and Front Desk and distributed to the CEO, CAO and COO. 

    Volunteer Training
o    Develop, organize, and schedule monthly trainings for new volunteers.
o    Schedule quarterly volunteer meetings to provide trainings required by the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and an opportunity for volunteers to interact with PtoP board and staff leadership.
o    Develop and implement on-site training for volunteers to assure effective execution of all program processes and procedures. 
o    Providing leadership skills training to PtoP Feeding Programs staff to ensure effective and appropriate management of volunteer efforts.

    Volunteer Communications and Retention
o    Develop and distribute PtoP Updates to all PtoP volunteers through on-site flyers and handouts or via email communications.
o    Develop and implement a process for acquiring input from volunteers to improve and enhance the PtoP volunteer experience.

    Volunteer Recognition
o    Working with the CEO, develop, plan and implement an annual Volunteer Recognition Activity

Key Competencies
    College graduate with outstanding organizational, interpersonal and communications skills.
    Three to five years of previous experience in a fast-paced, client-based organization.
    Outstanding time-management and multi-tasking skills.
    Demonstrated ability to manage and foster teamwork among diverse groups of people utilizing a collaborative approach to goal-setting and action plans.
    Familiarity with and ability to utilize databases and Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Publisher and Excel to produce the materials and reports necessary to support the responsibilities of this position.
    Ability to work evenings and weekends, as necessary.

Client Services Coordinator

Salary Range: $31,000 to $36,000

Part-time salaried position
30 hours per week

Reports To: Chief Administrative Officer

Client Services Consultant

Position Overview
The Client Services Associate works with the Client Services Consultant to assure that all those seeking assistance from People to People are treated with dignity and respect. The Client Services Coordinator reports to the Chief Administrative Officer on all aspects of front desk activities that support the implementation and delivery of PtoP programs including the oversight of all front desk volunteers.

Position Accountabilities
    Gateway to PTOP Programs and  Services
o    The Client Services Coordinator oversees the efficient management of PTOP’s Front Desk which serves as the Gateway to PtoP programs and services and assures that the reception area is welcoming to clients, donors, volunteers, and other guests.
o    Provide training to Client Services volunteers to utilize PTOP’s Donor Pro software effectively and accurately to schedule food pick-up appointments for clients and to update client records.
o    Provide training to Client Services volunteers to assure that PTOP’s Gateway protocols are implemented appropriately and to provide clients with additional information and referral services as necessary.
o    Provide efficient and informative responses to all phone queries from clients and others.

    Client Certification Management
o    Train, schedule and oversee Client Services volunteers deployed to implement client certification protocols to assure eligibility for PTOP’s programs and services.
o    Train Client Services volunteers to utilize the My Benefits computer provided to PTOP by the Rockland County Department of Social Services to better connect those in need with government services and programs.

    Project Joy and Joy Store
o    Work with the Client Services Consultant, the Chief Administrations Officer and the Chief Executive Officer to develop, manage and implement the Client Services component of Project Joy and Joy Store supplemental programs.

    Special Needs
o    Work directly with other organizations including the Department of Social Services, the Red Cross, Catholic Charities and others to provide donated in-kind items that meet the needs of an individual, family or groups in the event of a disaster including fire, a death in the family and more. 

Required Qualifications and Skills
    A minimum of an Associate’s Degree with outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills.
    Bilingual ability in Spanish required.
    Three to six years of previous experience in a fast-paced, client-based organization.
    Outstanding time management and multi-tasking skills.
    Familiarity with and ability to utilize Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.
    Ability to work evenings and weekends as assigned